Student Team

The SunRISE Student Team is affiliated with the Multidisciplinary Design Program at the University of Michigan. To find out more about MDP, go to the MDP website: Multidisciplinary Design Program. Through MDP, Dr. Justin Kasper developed the Heliophysics Spacecraft Instrumentation Faculty Research Team. Currently, the MDP team is working on the student projects of SunRISE: The Ground Radio Prototype and the Data Pipeline. Learn more about this current project and how to get involved here


Postdoctoral Research Fellow Graduate Student Research Assistant

Alex Hegedus, Ph.D.

Christopher Bert


Systems Engineer

Ground Radio Prototype Project Manager

Data Pipeline Project Manager

Joy Aun

Mechanical Engineering ’22

Karthik Bijoy

Mechanical Engineering ’21

Joshua Corsello

Physics ’21

Mechanical Sub-team

Mechanical Lead


Haoran Zhang

Aerospace Engineering ’21

Reid Backus

Mechanical Engineering ’23

Hope Lamphere

Mechanical Engineering ’21

Software Sub-team

Software Lead


Joshua Corsello

Physics ’21

Rohan Chandy

Computer Engineering ’22

Sean Getty

Computer Science ’21




Kaitlyn Moo

Materials Science Engineering and Astronomy ’22

James Sliwa

Computer Science and Economics ’21

Jacob Solomon

Engineering Physics ’21

Electrical Sub-team

Electrical Lead


Rashika Rao

Space Instrumentation Engineering ’21

Shahzaib Hussain

Aerospace Engineering MSE